BioColors Prosthetic

Today, more and more people are ordering prosthetic contact lenses. As patients and practitioners alike are learning, such lenses are now more readily available to them than ever before.

These are yearly wear soft contact lenses, and we make each one to the provided order specifications.

For several reasons, including eye injuries, a patient’s eye may appear different than the other. Orion Vision provides custom colored contact lenses to aesthetically match dissimilar appearing eyes, closely simulating the patterns and colors of the natural eye. This includes discolored or misshaped pupils and eyes that suffer from albinism, color vision deficiencies, amblyopia, or other ocular anomalies. BioColors Prosthetic lets you build your own prosthetic lens using your opaque color of choice with our Underprint, Iris, and starburst with clear and black pupil options available. With our wide variety of opaque colors and patterns you can build custom prosthetic contact lenses to meet your patient’s needs. The design combinations are endless.

A BioColors lens is classified as a Prosthetic when adding a Black Pupil and/ or an underprint with your design.

If your design does not include an underprint or black pupil it is a BioColors Cosmetic design.

Designs of Prosthetic Lenses: