BioColors Cosmetics

Orion’s BioColors Cosmetic lenses are designed to alter the appearance of the natural iris. These lenses are available in sphere and toric prescription and customizable base curve and diameter for optimal fit. 

The color on these lenses can be customized by using multiple iris prints and adding a combination of a limbal ring and a starburst for a tri-color effect. (Link to BioColors Color Demo) 

Categories of BioColors

This color series is better suited for use on lighter colored eyes, or for darker eyes looking for a more subtle change in appearance.

This color series has double the color pigment of the V-series, and offers more coverage on darker a darker iris. If a patient is looking for a more drastic change in their eye color, the X-series is the best choice. Adding more ‘stamps’ of the color will make the lens more opaque. 

A starburst pattern adds a sunburst pattern around the pupil margin of the lens. The color of the Starburst is typically done in the honey color, however we can customize the color to be any of the available iris colors.

A limbal ring goes around the outer edge of the color, and can also be done in any of the iris colors. The standard color is black. The limbal ring can be used to make the iris print diameter appear larger for a ‘doll eye’ effect.